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Art Links

Amends is a unique art site. The daily exercises are provocative and provide serenity and peace.

The Tampa Bay Salvador Dali Museum
This virtual museum has 159 paintings on file. However, it does not offer any information about the paintings or about Dali himself.

Zone Zero
Zone Zero has poetry, photographs, and paintings by modern artists. Also, it provides information on the artists themselves. Be warned: it does require either Netscape 3.0+ or Internet Explorer 3.0+.

A brilliant site that has art exhibitions and notes on style and life. You feel like you're walking through the actual Soho area.

The Magritte Gallery
Tons of paintings by Magritte! Could you ask for more?
Yves Tanguy site (EN FRANCAIS)
This site has a whole lot of information on Yves Tanguy, a very important Surrealist. However, most of it is in French, so just be aware.

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